Poultry Breeds…

We are currently raising Jumbo Cornish X, Poulet Rouge (Freedom Rangers).

The Cornish Rocks are a hybrid meat bird. They are a very efficient bird that is ready for harvesting in 8-9 weeks. They are known for their tender meat. They cost less to raise so the prices for them are a little lower than the heritage chickens.

Two week old jumbo rocks under the brooder lights

The Freedom Rangers or Poulet Rouge are our most recent addition to Peeler Farms. These are a heritage breed of chicken that do extremely well on pasture. They tend to forage more in the grass and are much more instinctive to predators. This breed tends to take about 4 weeks longer to be ready for harvest. The price of the Poulet Rouge reflects the extra weeks of feed and care.

One week old jumbo chicks